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:: Pass-through zone along service areas of active nearby restaurants, parking lots, garbage.
:: Shifting building functions - defunct theater and library.
:: Forgotten underground stream.
:: Richness of overlaying surfaces, colors, functions.

:: Non-passive passing by.
:: Redirect attention to complexity of site layers.
:: Catalyze behavioral pattern shifts.
:: Curiosity in rewalking-resurfacing.
:: Reawaken memory of the place.
:: Adaptive deployment according to site conditions.
:: Continuous transition between ground and walls surfaces.
:: Interplay between light and shadow.

:: Staging interactive light and sound resurfaces memory of theater and water stream.
:: Randomized progression of simple folding surfaces allows adaptive deployment.
:: Flexibility within simple initial geometries through variable rearrangements of topologies.
:: Open and expansive geometries suggestive of organic growth, puzzle passing-by.
:: Dynamic interplay between light and shadow.

:: Footsteps are converted into lights and sounds through pressure sensors.
:: Rubber-metal quilt hosts electronic equipment.
:: Flexible and open design allows improvisation based on site conditions and technical constraints.
:: Peels and cracks are emphasized and alive.